Our caftans are made from 100% natural ikat cotton and silk. Our clothes are created by hand on the most ancient looms. Each stage of fabric creation is manual labor. At the beginning, silk threads emerge from the unwinding of a silk cocoon. Cotton fiber in turn begins with the harvest of cotton in the fields. After that, silk and cotton are cleaned and brought to a pure white state in order to make threads from them. Then, the threads are collected in bundles and transferred to dyeing with bright natural substances such as charcoal, flowers, and three roots. On the "canvas" of threads, the artist outlines the future pattern with charcoal. Next, the craftsman looms weave bright threads into the same cloth. This technique has been passed down through many generations. When a cloth is ready, professional tailors skillfully turn fabrics into unique caftans, which has now become yours, absolutely a unique piece in your collection.
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